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Tragedy in the village of Truro, where pixies roam free stealing and plundering to slate their Queens thirst for richess and food ...

Pixie Queen is a strategic board game with a dark humorous twist in which 2-5 players try their best to fulfill the many cravings of their hellish Queen. In case they succeed they will be rewarded by not getting a whipping. If they fail the pit of oblivion awaits ...



Your postman probably cursed you for his terrible pain in his back caused by the delivery of all of these components ...  

In all her magnificent generosity the Queen will provide you with a rulebook in English, German, French and Dutch as well.

Walkthrough video by jPlay:


Pixie Queen is a diabolic worker-placement game about a Queen who rules over her subordinates like a true tyrant. According to legend her pixie slaves are small flying naughty creatures often spotted around Cornwall and Devon in the UK. Pixies steal from humans, do all kinds of mischief and often torment other creatures ... such as pixies of the other players. The game tells you the true tale of these poor little oppressed pixies.

All players that score more penalty points than the player who scores least of them are the losers of the game. Penalty points are the only points one can receive during the torturous game. In case a player miraculously succeeds in pleasing the Queen by offering her golden rings, goods or servants, he will receive reward tiles which at the end of the game will diminish his pile of painstakingly gathered penalty points ...

In summary the game consists of a maximum of 7 rounds consisting of 5 phases each:

  • Plundering food (honey, apples & bread) in Truro, the nearest human village.
  • Perform actions with your 4 action discs to scavenge for more goods to offer, deal punishment to other players, steal from other pixies, trick yourself to the front of play order and generally speaking mess things up for your opponents. No less than 21 different actions make for agonizing choices each round.
  • Then it is time to offer your Queen whatever she wants, even if it is your blood she wants! Take resources in your fist, hold it out and simultaneously reveal the results of your toiling labor. Make sure to offer the right things, otherwise face the wrath of the Queen!
  • Get rewarded for your excruciating work by promoting your pixies to become loyal servants or getting a less bad position on the trade track, both resulting in fewer penalty points granted.
  • In the end the Queen punishes those unworthy of her attention. Those who achieved too little are flayed and will have pixies enslaved or even worse: be thrown into the pit of oblivion ...

You can find draft versions of the rulebook in English and Dutch in the download section of this page:

These drafts will be updated as soon as possible.  The French and German rulebooks will be added as soon as we get them back from the translators.


Thank you all for the many offerings! The Queen will reward all of you by having the slaves at the production facility start their excruciating labor producing the game ...

As a gratitude to all our loyal backers we unlocked the six bonus tiles which you can use to replace the regular tiles in the game! (The tiles you see in the picture are the ones we are playtesting as we speak. Be aware that the final result of the tiles might differ from the above.)

In all her kindness the Queen decides to have the "vanilla" resource cubes you see in each and every game to be replaced by cubes resembling the kind of resource they represent.

The stone, silver and gold cubes do remain generic though, the Queen is not THAT generous ...

The Queen made a notion to her subordinates. Since when do pixies look like farmers, knights or monks from Carcassonne? Or like priests from Terra Mystica? Or like a meeple from any other game? This is evidence of a severe lack of respect for her Evil Highness.

The Queen therefore ordered the production slaves to replace the generic meeples in the box by extremely cool meeples resembling a kneeling pixie. After all some degree of worship isn't misplaced.

So you gathered everything the Queen wanted. She decided in all her malice to have you gather her even more richness and nourishments.

Evil as she might be, she does show gratitude from time to time so she grants you new abilities to help you serve her even better!

JocArt worked so hard on the pictures of the pixies he was a bit disappointed we decided to only put them on the board and player screens.

Since he has been asking, whining and crying about this so much we have decided to give him what he wants by including a sticker sheet with pictures of all pixies on it. These can be adhered to the action discs and score trackers.

There, JocArt, we did it. Happy now?

The Queen likes a good whipping ... of someone who disobeyed her! So what better way to please her than to give her whips to lash out with?

Inside the game box you will find an upgraded die with one to three whips on all sides to be used for the "Punish opponents" action and the "casino" action.

Black is the Queen's favorite color. It best resembles her soul we guess ... What she likes even more? Black with her depiction on it of course. In adoration of our Queen we have all ensured she will have her image on all cloth bags that come with the game so we, devote pixies, have something to idolize.

Instead of using the whip die for the casino action, you can have an extra casino die if this stretch goal is unlocked.

Our beautiful Queen is 62 mm high and her wings spread 50 mm wide. This game component will not be part of the retail version of the game. The Queen can be placed near her favorite Pixie.

Since we have so many different reward levels some explanation might be desirable for a couple of them, others are obvious.

There is no physical reward for this pledge level, however you do get our thanks and gratitude for supporting us. Oh yeah, and one whipping if ever we meet in person. You just should have backed the full game ...

This early bird offer is no longer available. 

This early bird offer is no longer available.

Use this pledge level if you just want one copy of the game as well as all unlocked stretch goals. Shipping to be added.  Use the Pot of Refined Honey for reduced shipping rates!

And yet again a possibility to pledge for the same reward as the pot of honey pledge without shipping if you can come and collect your reward yourself at "de Kolonisten" in Turnhout, Belgium or at selected conventions: Zomerspel 2017 (Ghent), Ducosim Lentebeurs 2017 (Amersfoort), Brussels Game Festival 2017 or Spiel 2017 (Essen). More will be added once we have a definite delivery date of the game to us. These will be communicated to our backers by means of regular updates.

At this level you get not one but two copies of the game as well as all unlocked stretch goals. This way you and a friend can save on shipping! A small extra will be added, but it is a maximum of a 50% increase for double the fun!!!

Keep in mind though that we ship both games to one physical address.

At this level you get three or more copies of the game as well as all unlocked stretch goals.  Shipping is included in the price of the game. Choose the right package deal according to where you live (not available in the whole world):

Package deal 1: 135? + 45? for each extra copy

Package deal 2: 150? + 50? for each extra copy

Package deal 3: 165? + 55? for each extra copy

The pixies in the game haven't been named yet, so we decided to give you the opportunity to work with us choosing five names (one for each color in the game) and effectively incorporating a fragment of your imagination in the game.

By backing at this level you will get to work with us to find a name for one of the pixies. We promise to be open minded but do reserve the right to veto names if we think them inappropriate or not true to the theme of the game. We will keep on working with you until we find one we both can agree upon.

The first backer to choose this level will have the opportunity to choose the color of pixie he or she wants to name. After the first each backer will have less and less choice of course.

At this level we offer free worldwide shipping and your name will be included in the credits of the rulebook.

We might be a starting company, but we already have about ten projects in our pipeline in various states of development. On our website we have listed some of the projects which are in a more advanced stage so make sure to check them out!

With the future in mind we decided to offer this special pledge level in which you not only receive the basic pledge level of Pixie Queen, but also the basic pledge level of each of our future Kickstarter projects that get funded.  Future shipping costs are not included though.

At this level we offer free worldwide shipping for Pixie Queen and your name will be included in the credits of the rulebook.  And all the copies you receive will be signed by the author of the game.

This reward level gives you the opportunity to get a truly personalized copy of Pixie Queen ... because one of the pixies will resemble you or one of your loved ones.

By pledging for this reward you will get to send us a photo of yourself or any other person (so no pets or crazy things like that) and our illustrator will create a pixie to the resemblance of the person in the photo.

Apart from the basic game you will also receive additional material with your special artwork printed on it: a player screen, stickers which you can add to the game board and of course the original digital artwork of which we will generate a print which will be signed by both the illustrator and the author.

At this level we offer free worldwide shipping and your name will be included in the credits of the rulebook.

Initiate the great Pixie Revolution of 2016!

This reward is similar to the "loyal servant" level, only you get to send us five photos of people you know and we will have our illustrator draw a pixie for each one of them. You will thus get a unique game in which each of the pixies in the game resembles someone from your family, work, play group, ...

You will receive five special player screens, stickers to change the illustrations on the game board as well as the original digital artwork of which we will provide prints signed by both the illustrator and the author.

At this level we offer free worldwide shipping and your name will be included in the credits of the rulebook.

Of course we want retailers to have a possibility of adding Pixie Queen to their shelves so if you are an interested retailer and want to learn more about our retailer program, don't hesitate to contact us. We will deliver you all necessary information on how to get Pixie Queen to your store.

Proof of being a game store will be requested. There is a minimum of 6 copies to be ordered to qualify for the retailer level.

 Interview & Turn overview & Review by the 'Knights of the Table' (EN).

 Winner of the "best prototype" award - Zomerspel 2016 - Ghent

"How to write a neutral review of a demo when the game already has blown you away so hard?"   Geel Pionneke - May 2016  -  (Dutch)

"What immediately strikes you is the fenomenal artwork of the game."   Spinli  -  August 2016  -  (Dutch)

"Pixie Queen is a great worker placement game which has a nice theme all over it.  I really like the theme of this game."   Nox Spellenzolder  -  July 2016  -  (video review below - English)

"A perfect mix between complexity, strategy and mischief :-). A top notch game!"  Marc Van Kerschaver  -

"Great inovative game in a great thematic setting."   Bjorn Pauwels  -

"Played the demo-version and wanted to play it again immediately (so I did!)"   Fozz  -

"There's a unique workerplacement part that I've never seen before in any other game. Highly recommended!"  Leen Dirk  -

"Also the artwork is fantastic ! Can't wait to see it on Kickstarter !"  roadie 75 -

"A lot of different actions in the game, but the icons are very clear. I'VE GOT TO HAVE THIS :-)"  Bellaatje  -

Walkthrough & Review by Nox Spellenzolder (EN)


We will ship the game from our Belgian headquarters. The games bound for the United States and Canada will be shipped in bulk by an expeditor to shipping hubs in both countries to ensure the game is US and CAN friendly on top of being EU friendly.

The shipping costs per country are as follows:

Belgium: ? 5

Rest of Europe: ? 8

Rest of the world: ? 15

For the EU, United States and Canada duty and taxes are included in the shipping cost above. All other countries are subject to duty and taxes which are not included in the shipping cost as these may vary significantly from country to country.

Important: During the campaign the shipping costs have been changed.  Kickstarter doesn't allow changing of shipping costs on existing pledges.  That's why early birds didn't see their shipping cost change.  This means for some people it is more intreresting to change their pledge.  We apologize for the fact that for some countries the early bird advantage disappeared.  But we are convinced that everyone will see that the lower shipping costs lured more people to this campaign, with higher funded stretch goals as a result.

Game brewer is a new board game publishing company based in Turnhout, Belgium. A couple of years ago Rudy and Seb met and decided to start doing different projects revolving around board games.

With Rudy's help Seb saw his dream come true with the birth of "de Kolonisten", his very own board game store and now it is time to ensure Rudy's dream becomes reality as well by publishing his very first board game with hopefully many to follow in case this campaign hits target!

The people behind Game Brewer. Left to right: Rudy, JocArt and Seb.

Rudy Seuntjens - Game Designer

Rudy is an architect by education which shows how eager he is to build and design things. When you throw in a passion for board games the result of the equation is not hard to guess ... He became a board game designer.

Over the last couple of years Rudy has been developing some twenty different games of which approximately ten saw prototype play and further development. One stood out so much he decided he would probably buy it himself if ever he played it and so we decided this one to become the first title we would launch under the Game Brewer banner: Pixie Queen.

JocArt - Illustrator & Animator

JocArt is a local talent in illustrating and animating ? well, more or less anything. At Game Brewer we still recall the moment he showed us his scrap book with some ?on the road? sketches. Jaws were dropping we assure you ?

Whenever he is not eating, sleeping or addressing some other primal need, he is found drawing things. Apparently he is spotted quite often at family meetings in the kids corner using the paper and pencils to draw all kinds of dragons, trolls and other fantastical creatures.

What can you say? If it?s in your blood ?

Seb Van Deun - PR Manager, Game Consultant & Company Troll

Seb was probably born with two dice in his left hand and some meeples in his right hand. ?Is it a boy or a girl?? was responded to with ?It?s a board gamer!? probably ? Just to say he has been playing board games for a long, long time already.

He used to be in serious business selling laboratory applications but ever since he met with Rudy his life has taken a U-turn and he nowadays spends his days in his board game store ?de Kolonisten? in Turnhout where he is damned to try out demo copies of new games, chit chat with people that share his passion for games and ? play some more games. Can you imagine having this poor bastards life?

Within Game Brewer he does the PR and marketing work, annoys Rudy by trying to ?break? the game systems he comes up with and is the all-round good guy (as you can see in the picture this last point is clearly exaggerated) every company needs. You know, the one that just walks around the building laughing and singing (God help us) ?

Available Rewards:

€44EUR + Shipping

Offer a pot of refined honey.

You will be rewarded with 1 copy of the base game as well as all unlocked stretch goals.
Shipping will be added:
Belgium: 5 EUR Rest of Europe: 8 EUR
Rest of the world: 15 EUR


Offer a drop of honey. (pick up)

Same as the pot of honey pledge level without shipping cost. This assumes you will be able to pick up the game yourself at one of the locations/events listed on and in the FAQ at the bottom of the kickstarter campaign page.

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